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NewsStainless Steel Advantage

Stainless Steel AdvantageA proven veteran and innovator, Allmetal continues to lead the industry with the widest variety of Stainless Steel Air Spacer options available on the market. Stainless steel has long been regarded as among the highest performing substrates for window applications, with advantages that include:

  • Longevity
  • Better expansion and contraction
  • Flexibility in manufacturing
  • Gas retention and MVT rates
  • Versatile for corner key and bending applications
  • As an inorganic separator, SST doesn’t react to glass coatings

Today, the Stainless Steel Air Spacer continues to grow in popularity for its ability to help meet or exceed ENERGY STAR ratings and its potential to make a significant contribution to worldwide energy conservation.

250P—Unrivaled Performance
In an ongoing effort to feature the highest performing spacer available on the market, Allmetal’s line of Stainless Steel Air Spacer features the 250P profile. A documented standout for excellent gas retention, 250P overcomes both the convection and gas issues often experience with alternative spacers.

Powder Coat Enhancement
Allmetal’s Painted Top Air Spacer, applications can now combine the many benefits of stainless steel with the additional performance and aesthetics of powder coating. Available in a variety of standard colors with available custom color match, powder coating is highly-regarded not just for its elegance, but a well-deserved reputation for unmatched durability. Holds up to take years of abuse from the harshest elements, powder coat finishes resist chipping and scratching and stands up to UV rays to prevent fogging & fading.

Additionally, Allmetal’s powder coat option is a decision not just for aesthetics and durability, but sensitivity to the environment. Unlike wet paint techniques, our process doesn’t use any solvents and has no gas emissions, and since overspray can be recycled there is less waste.

Learn more about the many benefits of Allmetal’s Stainless Steel Airspacer and powder coating along with the ongoing developments of our 250P profile by contacting us or by calling 800.323.8202.